Loose Leaf

by Lauren Foster



Loose Leaf is a collection of songs that I have never made focused recordings of. Thus, the quality of the recordings is usually very low, in live, or spur of the moment, onboard comp microphone takes. This album is up to get a feel for a wider range of the music I have written. It is not available for download because I would like, someday, to make legitimate recordings of these songs.


released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Lauren Foster Boulder, Colorado

Lauren is currently based out of Boulder, CO. In addition to playing music she makes time for playing ultimate frisbee, getting outside with a pack, skis, crampons, or just a light jacket, and waitressing at a local brewery.

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Track Name: Shooting Stars
A couple of beers and an old sheet of construction paper
Sittin’ on the porch I came to realize I spent too long without the fresh air
‘Cause I was waitin’ for the world to revive when the pain subsides
But it doesn’t. And the world went on behind my closed eyes

Now leave it all behind, let’s take a trip, we’ll go cross country
The bankers and the law firms and schools… I don’t care if they forgive me
‘Cause if I was countin’ out the seconds of productive time
Then last night was a gold mine, watchin’ the sun go down and paint the sky

CHORUS: Hold on, it ain’t the end yet
You have words left with people you haven’t met yet
And I’ve seen shooting stars in the city lights
You gotta look at the sky just right

Run my hands through the grooves of this antique table
I wonder what my grandmother knew, and how she was so able
To hold her own in a man’s world, keep her flag unfurled
She wasn’t perfect, but the world needs more of what she gave then what I take


My memory’s clear of that night, the car was left to idle
She kissed my hand, the front side; her look went deeper than my eyeballs
I was so angry that our love was never in the rulebook
Still my heart shook, every time she dared to hold my hand

Track Name: Fools
Try me, left foot forward, saw me lookin’ at the door but I’d be game
I’ll be hard to touch but, damn, baby, if you want it enough
I could be persuaded
Slow and subtle, hold back just a little and maybe…

CHORUS: Late night, feels right, only slightly tipsy and the daylights far away
Shot’s back, feel that hand and watch the band, they know how to play
Slow down, we have all night ‘til the day
Drop line, dance time, absolute-ly, nothin’ to say

Make me frustrated, hate it, baby, make me beg for more
Touch me, leave me, tease me right now you’re too easy to ignore
I could be your Eden… Adam held out, whoa-oh, baby I need you to taste me


A whole lot of fools, seems to me
Pretending there are rules, this game is much too easy
I’d be your fool baby if you would not be such a, a fool, a fool to me

Track Name: Stand in the Stiffer Wind
Bent steel and cold hands
Empty rooms in a foreign land
Wooden chords and my empty words
4/4 time and perfect rhymes

Outside, the world is new to
My eyes, but the sun is still the same
And find me I’m lost between the ties
To the people and the places their homes and their lives

And I’ll go 6, 5, 4, 1
Like the songs you’ve heard before, it’s music that’s been done
I need to feel ready for a new place
So I’ll play it in the old way, and sing you this song for my home

Some times remain
Deep breaths, but I still feel the same
It’s hard to hold this whole world within your heart
To stand in the stiffer wind, and not refuse to play a part

Few words and strong ties
Maybe easier when we’re soon to say goodbye
Desperately created and so quickly left behind
Like the colors of the evening, are so bright and then they die

And so it goes, and here I am
Try to take it by the moment, try to make it what I can
And I don’t think that I’m coming home enlightened
And I’ve found I’m not so different, but I don’t think that means I wasn’t changed

So I’ll sing 6, 5, 4, 1
Like the songs you’ve heard before, it’s music that’s been done
I need to feel ready for a new place
So I’ll play it in the old way, and sing you this song, yeah I’ll sing you this song for my home
Track Name: Grateful
Don’t go
Don’t go
I know that I took you for granted
I find that
With time I
Realize that you were always enough

I close my eyes and decide this time
Not to shrug it off
They said so long ago absence lets you know
What you started off with

So hold, me now
And help, me calm down
I know, you won’t ever let me go

I find that
My mind and
My body are still breakable
To try
To fly is
To high a risk to your wingless bones

I’ll turn away from this game we always play
Of being brave
Grateful for this life it is not trite
To play it safe

I’ll hold, you now
And help, you calm down
You know, I won’t ever let you go
Track Name: Until You Stay
God knows I am, and god knows where I’ve been
And god knows what I’m doing now…
Cause I don’t know why, and I don’t know if I
Can carry on along this downhill

CHORUS: Light from the morning give me strength now
Sleep come and take the day away
Cause I will go on and on without you
Until you stay, until you stay

Remember that touch, your fingers lightly brushed
And now it’s hard to dream without you
And I don’t know why, and I don’t know if I
Can make you start to love believing



So let the wind howl, and if the roof blows down
Then I will sleep under the starlight
And I don’t know why, but I know that I
Could use some open air on this night

Track Name: Marble
Trying hard to fill this space
I close my eyes and just create
My hands are moving they are trained
By repetition to keep
Pace the road and read the writing fast
The people pause palpate their
Past the end of prospect street they find
The place of woods I left

CHORUS: And there is a marble there: smooth, white glass
It sparkles clearly in this river of the past
And I can see it glow, like I did when I was four years old
So, so beautiful

But now I’m standing in the street
The pavement hard the cold cuts
Deep beneath the people’s empty gaze
I know there’s meaning there is
Grace my table now and make a toast
To something silly no one
Notes the faded path in my backyard that leads to home


And we have come so far, from where we really are
Let the fear creep in, and I don’t sleep as well as I used to
Oh, let me breathe, let me believe
I will find it again

Track Name: Pulse
Sleep hold on… wait longer for me to play
Dreams go on and run, there’s no need to fade away
‘Cause time stretches onward
And this is madness, this is madness, this is mad
All the words and all the reasons
And the subconscious believing
That something’s missing. Hold me.
I wanna turn up the music and dance

CHORUS: Feel the pulse; let the fluid rush
Right through your brain
And the motion of the room, the floor
And this ocean of faces, and you
Lookin’ good and dancin’ right
Was I with you the other night?
Do I know your name?
Maybe… it’s all the same.

Take my hand; come closer
And feel me sway
Dance to the music and you will feel
Us drift away
And time will stretch endless
‘Cause this is madness, this is madness, this is mad
All the words and all the reasons
Well I think I stopped believing
That something’s missing; hold me
I wanna turn up the music and dance


Come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on, take me away
‘Cause I just wanna find the best in
Come on darlin’ the night is young
Put my interest to the test then
Hold me closer to you
To you
And time will stress endless
And this is madness, this is madness, this is madness
So fade the words and fade the reasons
I don’t want to believe,
I can’t believe that
Something’s missing; hold me
I wanna turn up the music and dance
Track Name: I Think He'd Understand
As the rain was falling down they went their separate ways
He’d hit the ground. They said goodnight
But meant goodbye
And he drove in the dampened glow
The moonlight shivered as the rain turned to snow
He was so tired


How could… why would you make me choose
Between my God and you, my son?
Father what does your God have to do
With my love or you?
I think he’d understand
I think he’d understand

It was late, the room was dark
Side by side, the silence marked by still breathing
He held your hand
And you dreamed a face slipped through
The whispered words, a night that drew them both closer
He said, “I love you”


Tell me what to do, I don’t know what
Don’t even know who I am…
But you know, how can you be so sure
That our love is worth everything?
And I am trying to believe in you
I am trying to believe

As the rain was falling down they went their separate ways
He’d hit the ground, they said goodnight
But meant goodbye